Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to cross the border to shop at Duty Free?

Please check out the allowances in the customs section for the amount you may purchase without penalty.

2) Can i bring back my purchases from the cdn. dutyfree store?

YES, there is a myth that you can't bring back your purchases from the cdn. dutyfree shop, which is false.  You can bring it back(after 48 hrs.)/consume it/ or leave it!!!

3) Can I shop at the Peace Garden Duty Free Shop and then enter the International Peace Garden?

You can shop at the Duty Free Shop, report to the U.S. Customs, then you can enter the International Peace Garden.

4) If I spend 48 hours in the International Peace Gardens (camping or other means) do I qualify for my Duty Free exemptions?

Yes. You qualify for your allowances (see allowances). Phone us at 1-204-534-3733 for further information.

5) Can an American citizen come from the U.S. and buy liquor or beer?

Yes. You have to report to customs and will pay $2.85us. on additional bottle (1litre) and $1.40us. for every 24--beer. (Save up to 60% ask clerk for details).

6) Can i take more than one bottle (1 carton) into the U.S.A.?

Although your duty free allowance is 1 litre (1 carton) additional liquor (tobacco) can be taken in at great savings, as duty and taxes are minimal. This also applies to other tobacco/beer products.

7)Can a "snowbird" take extra tobacco and liquor?

Yes. You can take your 1L liquor and 1 carton cigs, if you take extra liquor it is only $2.85u.s. per 60oz.

and cartons(reg.size) duty is $10u.s. per carton.